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Don Tim : Montebello Metro Tagaytay For Sale
Unit Type For Sale Price Area(sq.m.) Notes
Grande 2 Model ₱ 6,177,000 115 sqm - 192 sqm
LILAC TWINS Bungalow Model ₱ 6,492,704 192 sqm

Lots can be had for a 10% down payment with a flexible payment terms of five, seven or 10 years for the balance.

Purchasing the units

Buying a home is a serious transaction since that is the place a family might spend its entire lifetime. Montebello, therefore, offers great modes of payment that will not be stressful to the buyer. Besides, payments schemes are also flexible.

One can pay the whole amount all at one go and move into their homes or can purchase the unit in five, seven, ten, or fifteen years.

Bank financing
Through the developer, the purchaser can get a bank loan to finance 80% of the Total Contract Price once they pay a down payment of 20%

The bank charges a basic interest rate that is fixed for one, three or ten years only.

In-house financing
The buyer can pay a 20% down payment and a reservation fee of not less than Pup 50,000. The balance can be paid within twelve months

The lilac twin homes cost a range of Php 1,492, 704 to Php 2, 500, 000 while the Grande 2 model costs an average of Php 6,000,000. The smallest units covers a lot sizes of 177 square meters while the largest is not more than 368 square meters. A bare lot area of 160 square meters costs about Php 1,168,000.


The transport network from Metro Manila is efficient to allow tourists to visit the great sites around Tagaytay hence benefitting the residents of Montebello too. The Tagaytay is considered as the country’s 2nd  summer capital due to its low humidity and abundant rainfall brought about by the hills and mountains that cover the portion of the city. The climate favors agriculture hence a resident of Montebello will easily get fresh groceries and fruits within the area.  Pollution is minimal in the area due to the reduced traffic congestion and the forest environment.

The residential development also has a vicinity where sites such as SM Sky Ranch Amusement Park are a stone throw away. The basic needs of food, education, and clothing have also been met by the shopping and learning centers around Montebello. Besides, hospitals such as Tagaytay Medical center are equipped to handle emergencies and are large enough to accommodate a large number of patients without congestion cases.

Montebello’s facilities and amenities make the residence even more relaxing since the residential area does not have a large population. The spacious clubhouse and a hall where meetings and parties are held are also built in modern architectural design. The swimming pool for the kids that is separate from that of the adults also makes purchasing a lot or a unit at Montebello worthwhile.

Montebello residential development is an exemplary environment for a one who wants to own a home and an investor who wants to lease their property. These affordable homes are readily available for purchase through the flexible in house and bank financing options.

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