Montebello Metro Tagaytay LILAC TWINS

Located amidst sprawling greens in the mountain of Alfonso, Cavite, Montebello launched in main house model Lilac Twins on February 28, 2015.  The duplex bungalow represents the modern countryside living not just with its up-to-date design but also its sharp interior.

Each half of the ‘twin’ covers a gross floors area of 72,05 sqm. comprising two bedrooms,m one bathroom, service or drying area, a veranda, foyer entrance, garden, and a carport. Rest assured that you’ll get the privacy and space without intruding of disturbing your neighbor on the other side of the duplex with its soundproofed duplex common wall.

Lilac Twins is also a senior citizen and PWD (Persons With Disabilities)-friendly home. The need not to walk up any step since it’s a one-storey unit. The veranda is near the carport, making wheelchairs more accessible to enter straight in.


House Model

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